Mester Interviews

Watch a collation of the collaborative comments made by various mesters around Sheffield. Our interviews informed our project’s conception and development, and were integral to us understanding our audience.


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Cube Collective 

The Installation examines the collaborative practices of artists and makers and their current working conditions within some of the historical works in Sheffield. The topic of collaboration emerged out of discussions with a number of organisations supporting makers in the city. Research pointed to the need for more open and inclusive spaces, both to involve the public with the narrative of remaking the city and with other makers to encourage innovation and a thriving culture of collaboration.

The performance exhibit showcases a landscape of components that are reconfigured throughout the day to create a variety of spatial and programmatic possibilities. This performance shows the different combinations of spaces that can be created from a simple vocabulary of elements, creating spaces for exhibiting, pavilions or platforms.

The project hopes to instil hope in a future of making entered around the exchange of ideas and collaboration towards innovative and futuristic outcomes. Representing the future of manufacturing in Sheffield and the north.

The Associated imagery relates to the individual spaces and stories of makers from the city of Sheffield who have inspired this work.

Date: 30/10 Venue: Portland Works

Portland Works Illustration.jpg

Models of Collaboration at Live Works, Union St